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Fish Tank Coffee Table – 25 Gallon Aquarium

fish tank coffee table

I’ve been through many different aquariums in my lifetime, as I’m the type of person who really enjoys taking care of fish. Whether they’re common or exotic, fish have always had the tendency to “tickle my fancy”. That’s why I only make use of the best aquariums around, and I would have to claim that the Fish Tank Coffee Table 25 Gallon Aquarium fits the bill. Not only can I keep fish in my home, but I can look at them for most of the day! When the fish are in your coffee table, it adds a certain sort of look to your home. You don’t see it that often, and it can get a little pricey if you’re not buying the right products (this is actually one of the more affordable varieties, although it’s still relatively sturdy; at least it’s going to look great.

fish-tank-aquarium-coffee-tableLike any other product on the market right now, there are going to be both pros and cons to this fish tank coffee table. It’s an awesome addition in any situation, so don’t let the price turn you away so quickly. Obviously, there are things that need to be looked at before making a purchase of this magnitude. Some of the things you need are quality, as well as purchasing a product that comes from a reputable brand. Midwest Tropical is an experienced brand, one that has been in this industry for years, so you can put your money on them when it comes to coffee tables (that also happen to be aquariums!).

This particular product has:


  • A square look that fits just about every single household imaginable
  • Solid beveled glass top, squared and 3/8-inches
  • Has an illuminating process that comes up from underneath the blue glass gravel
  • Black acrylic pedestal base hides 2-stage filter
  • All of the equipment you need to manage an aquarium – pump, aerator, filters, and even decorative plants to keep your fish friends happy!
  • Free shipping – on such a large item, you can’t go wrong with that
  • Look all-around amazing, you can’t go wrong here!


  • It’s pricey, and that’s really the only thing I could think of – if you’re going to buy an aquarium, you probably already know it’s going to cost a decent chunk of change
  • Acrylic as opposed to glass – this just means that you could scratch the inside of the aquarium if you weren’t being careful


It comes in at a whopping $689.99, but shipping is free! When it comes to shipping, items like these aren’t exactly the cheapest, so that’s definitely a plus. It seems as if only people in the movies had furniture this cool, but now you’ve got the opportunity to own some for yourself. On a personal note, I find this product incredibly appealing. I know there are people out there that don’t exactly want to see fish while they’re watching television, but I know I did! This is a great fit for anyone, whether you’re a fish connoisseur, or simply somebody who wants to make a change in their lives.

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